Saving elephants needs more than ivory trade ban,” read a statement from PETA

Saving elephants광주출장안마 needs more than ivory trade ban,” read a statement from PETA. “It also needs more than the government banning ivory and putting the brakes on poaching. It needs, and desperately needs, thexo 카지노 people to stop buying ivory and the products to end trafficking, and to use their own energy to r크레이지 슬롯aise awareness and to help stop this terrible epidemic.”

“We know it’s time for the global community to work together. That’s why today PETA is launching a new partnership with Bonyasa to put an end to elephants from Congo and South Africa by helping them stop buying ivory and ending all ivory trade across the Atlantic,” said Michael Brune, president of PETA Asia.

Bonyasa, an brand, offers products, services and services that include “an e-commerce portal dedicated to helping customers and brands build sustainable business. Bonyasa and its partners in Africa focus on the real problems and bring new avenues of empowerment for people living in and surrounding conflict zones by offering solutions to real challenges.”

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